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Set-A-Goal Program


RSRC challenges each and every one of its members  to set goals in their riding and horsemanship skills. Whether you are bringing up a green two year old, learning to drive your horse in a cart, or a seasoned competitor in your chosen discipline, we all need to set goals in our riding. So, the Rusty Stirrups Riding Club has created The Set A Goal Program.

 For forms, click HERE

The process for submitting your goal is easy and quick. 
Just fill out FORM 1 as completely as possible and
mail it to Meredith Milligan.

Members who achieve their goal will be recognized by receiving a small gift and will have their names and achievement 
announced at the holiday party in December to inspire others.

Once you have reached your goal, please fill out FORM 2 
and send it to Meredith.

The guidelines for the pogram are as follows:


1.)     Make your goal an achievable one. Donít set your standards too low or too high.  We want you to complete your goal within one year.  We all have various levels of competency and have a diverse set of horsemanship skills, experiences and interests.  Also, our horses are of many breeds and ages, and just like us, have their inherent abilities and disabilities.  So think hard before submitting your goal. Stretch yourself, but not too far.


2.)    Choose a sponsor to help you in your goal.  This does not have to be a club member. Have your sponsor monitor your progress and/or witness your one time achievement.  If your goal is to get your incredibly difficult horse self-load into the horse trailer, have your sponsor witness and spot you.  If your goal is to win a blue ribbon at a combined training show, have your sponsor there to see you accept the ribbon.


3.)    When you can honestly say you have truly achieved your goal, fill out the second Set A Goal form.  This form outlines how you ultimately made your personal goal happen and prompts you to record in detail the challenges that you faced in making your goal a reality.


Good luck to all of you! Remember Ė your goal is yours alone. Do not compare where you are to anyone else. Your goal is private for the Set A Goal Administrator only. 
If you do not wish to have your achievement shared for whatever reason, we wonít. We respect your wishes.
What one person may feel is too easy may be very difficult for another.
  This program is totally on the honor system. 

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