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RSRC Ratings Policies

Contact our Ratings Chair, Paula Steindler, for further details or to schedule a rating.
(804) 399-9429

The Rusty Stirrups Riding Club values the safety and education of our membership. The club is committed to making this - as all our activities - a safe, enjoyable and fun learning experience. There should be no pressure and help is readily available!

A ‘Rating’  is a test used to determine an acceptable minimal level of riding proficiency and knowledge of horse management. Being rated is not a requirement for membership, only for riding in club sponsored mounted events. All required club releases must be executed prior to taking the mounted portion of the test. 
The rating test evaluation sheet was created within our membership, is not sanctioned by any other organization and may be revised as needed.

Minimum Standards  A D1 Rating Test must be passed in order to participate in RSRC mounted events. Higher rating levels are encouraged for those who wish to gauge their knowledge and experience.  USPC or similarly inspired tests are available on the Internet. The club has no policy regarding this and does not manage further testing but for those wishing to explore them the board can provide contact information to local higher level instructors.  
       D1 Test

Preparation  All new members wishing to prepare for the evaluation may review the rating test which is posted on the website. A portion is completed mounted and the rest is verbal.  All members who ride in RSRC events must present themselves for the mounted portion by an RSRC approved rater. It may also be performed on a trail ride with the rater. The verbal portion (Section 1) may be completed in writing in advance of or after the mounted portion. Paper copies of the rating evaluation can be provided at meetings by request to the ratings chair or other board members. If a member has a particular problem or confusion with any portion of the test, the board can provide recommendations for help for that member. Through education, the board is committed to assisting all new members successfully pass this test! The candidate may rate on their own horse or on a borrowed horse, (with prior arrangements,) with a proper release. The candidate must provide tack and implements (brushes & hoofpick, etc.) for their test.

From time to time the club will host ratings days or have ratings on the site of a club mounted event as the need arises. We encourage new members who wish to participate in mounted activities to contact the ratings chair well in advance of a specific event to arrange for their rating.
Proper Attire for Mounted evaluation includes ASTM/SEI approved helmet and proper riding footwear.

The Ratings Chairman will help the new member arrange to be evaluated, secure an approved rater & suitable location. He/she will keep the notebook of copies of the test, returning a copy to the candidate if requested. He/she will be able to provide a medical armband to the member upon passing of the test.

A Rater is a qualified equestrian approved by the RSRC Board. A list of approved raters is available from the ratings chairman. The board can approve other qualified individuals such as private instructors for a one time rating. The member must provide contact information in advance of rating for approval of non approved rater. The ratings chair, President or Vice President will interview each to determine if they have an acceptable understanding of our purpose. 



Update March 2014: RSRC is in the process of developing a program that will allow our members opportity to advance their rating. This program will closely follow the Standards of Proficiency of the United States Pony Club, but will be adjusted to better suit the needs of our general membership. We are rusty, after all!

For an idea of what progression through the ratings system may look like you can check out the USPC standards *flow chart

*RSRC claims no ownership of or responsibility for this flow chart. It is only being used to give our members a snapshot of potential rating evaluation material and progression.


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